Why Attend a Regenerate Health Seminar?

Why Attend a Regenerate Health Seminar?

At Regenerate Health, we believe that stem cell therapy is an exciting and evolving medical treatment. And we also understand that if you have arthritis or chronic pain, you may have a ton of questions about this therapy.

Who’s a candidate? What does stem cell therapy accomplish? Is it better than surgery? How much does it cost?

If you’re like many people, you probably have another 20 questions to add. That’s why Regenerate Health is hosting free seminars around Dallas and Fort Worth.

So what can you expect when you attend?

We spend a majority of the seminar educating you on stem cells, where they come from, and who might qualify – among a number of other topics. We also leave time for a Q&A so that general questions can be answered. Once the seminar ends, we’ll encourage you to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your particular case, answer your specific questions, and determine if you’re a candidate.

Finally, if you attend a seminar, you not only get a free individual evaluation, you will also receive a discount if you decide to utilize our treatment. We also offer financing.

Look, you aren’t buying a car or a new pair of pants. This is about your health and well-being, and first an foremost, we want to make sure you are educated. We look forward to meeting you and talking with you. To find a seminar near you, please call 888-610-3060.