Surgery vs Stem Cell Therapy

Surgery vs Stem Cell Therapy

There is nothing routine about having surgery. Whether it’s surgery on your knee, your hip or back, it is a stressful prospect. But what else can you do? Your doctor has reviewed your case, perhaps tried injections or physical therapy, and you’re still at square one.

Let’s talk about knee surgery in particular. There may not be a more painful operation than knee replacement surgery. We know patients that have endured excruciating pain following this procedure, and have vowed never to go under the knife again.

Complications following surgery, poor outcome, and the risk of addiction to pain meds are real and valid concerns. And did you know that 1/400 knee replacement procedures result in death within 30 days?

Maybe it’s time to consider stem cell therapy as a viable alternative. In many cases, it is less expensive than having surgery due to your deductible, co-pay, medications, and time off work. What’s better, stem cell therapy requires zero downtime.

At Regenerate Health, we offer excellent financing options, and try to work with every patient to make stem cell therapy an affordable option.

Surgery carries so many concerns, why risk it? Regenerate Health is hosting free seminars all over Dallas/Fort Worth so we can educate you on the advantages of stem cell therapy.

You can call (888)610-3060 or visit for cities, dates and times. We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions!